Everything needed for mid-to high-volume metal stamping.

Goshen Stamping, LLC occupies a 82,000 sq. ft. facility, which is just over 2 acres under roof.  Our massive facility includes a manufacturing area, assembly area, warehouse and complete tool room.  The tool room is equipped with various lathes, mills, grinder, and heat treat ovens.

  • Capabilities.  We can work with all carbon-based steel, including HRPO, CR, and galvanized.  We also stamp goods from stainless steel, aluminum and brass.  Plus, we have the capacity to blank, pierce, form and extrude in aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled, hot rolled pickled and oiled, high strength low alloy and stainless steel.  In addition, we provide riveting, assembly, resistance weld and mig weld.
  • Machines.  We operate 36 presses ranging from 30 ton OBI's (open back inclinable presses) up to a 400 ton SSDC (straight side double crank press).  Press bed sizes are up to 85 x 48 inches with stroke ranges from 2 to 8 inches for stamping.  (see press list here)
  • Special treatments.  As an added service, we have readily available sources for heat treating, zinc plating, yellow zinc di-chromate plating, nickel plating, painting and powder coating.
  • Material handling capabilities.  Because we need to move so much metal around, we've acquired extensive material handling capabilities.  Our equipment includes 11 fork trucks from 4000-8000 lbs, three 20,000 lb electronic scales, overhead cranes, docks and covered receiving dock.

This is just an overview of our capabilities.  We would be delighted to show you how we can meet your specific needs for metal components.

To find out more about Goshen Stamping, LLC, or to place and order, visit our Contact US page, email us at sales@goshenstamp.com or call 574-533-4108.


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