Suppliers to a growing list of industries

No matter what type of business you represent , if you need stamped metal components, we can supply them at Goshen Stamping, LLC.

Here are the business areas where we currently have our strongest presence:

  • Ladders.  We supply metal components for about 95 percent of the ladders presently in service in North America.  So most likely, the ladder in your home or business was built with component parts from Goshen Stamping.
  • RV Lift Systems. We engineer and manufacture the most popular manual lift systems for pop-up camping trailers in the RV industry.  The lift system lifts the roof and canvas sides of the camper, transforming the low-profile camper into an actual RV.  Two of the largest RV manufacturers - Thor Industries and Forest River are among the RV builders who use our pop-up lift systems. 
  • Automotive.  Currently, we manufacture a number of metal components integrated into the cabin space of cars or encapsulated into rubber and built into the trunk space.
  • Education/Audio Visual.  Key components of portable projection screens used in educational and institutional settings are engineered and manufactured by Goshen Stamping.

To find out more about Goshen Stamping, LLC, or to place and order, visit our Contact US page, email us at or call 574-533-4108.



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