Leading supplier of metal stampings to many industries.

Located in a 80,000 square foot facility in Goshen Indiana, Goshen Stamping is a leading supplier of metal stampings to the ladder, educational map , and recreational vehicle industries.  In addition, the automotive, agriculture equipment and rubber industries continue to develop as major metal stamping customers.

Incorporated in 1923, we have grown to become a major force in the industry.

  • Philosophy.  Our success rests on a solid foundation of fundamental business principles.  We value integrity in everything we do.  We also value our employees.  In addition, we try to instill in our employees a sense of PRIDE - Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts.  Also, we greatly value the personal relationships we have developed with our customers.  These basic values will continue to be  the foundation on which we build all future growth.  
  • Staff.  Behind our plethora of machines is an expert staff numbering more than 70 production workers, designers and supervisors.  Our staff operates 36 presses and works two shifts.  This gives us tremendous flexibility to fulfill your needs for metal stamped components.  
  • Global reach.   We ship custom-quality metal stampings to customers around the world.  A large proportion of our products are sent to Mexico.  There, they are integrated into ladders, most of which are shipped back to North America.
  • Hall of Fame.  Recently we became one of the first inductees to the Indiana Manufacturers Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame honors organizations for outstanding contributions to the development of a healthy, dynamic business environment in Indiana, while enhancing the state's economic well-being.

Take a closer look at our capabilities, and discover how we can design and manufacture precision stamped parts for your company.  

To find out more about Goshen Stamping, LLC, or to place an order, visit our Contact US page, email us at sales@goshenstamp.com or call 574-533-4108.



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