Complete satisfaction is our biggest goal

For the past 94 years, our goal at Goshen Stamping has been satisfying the needs of every customer.  This passion led us to implement demanding customer service protocols, which have resulted in an astounding record of accomplishments:

  • Average lead time of 3 weeks - well below the industry average of 5-6 weeks.
  • 100 percent on-time delivery to our Recreational Vehicle customers.
  • 98 percent on-time delivery to non-RV customers.

Elements of our customer service-driven internal protocols include:

  • Massive inventory.  We keep a large inventory of various sizes and types of metals.  They include carbon-based steel (including HRPO, CR and galvanized), stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.  Having so much metal on-hand enables us to rapidly respond to your orders.  Plus, purchasing in large volume helps us to be very competitive.  
  • Inventory stocking program.  For some customers with repeat orders, we stamp components in advance and keep the inventory on hand.  This enables us to ship components as soon as we receive and order.
  • On-site engineering drawings.  If you do not have the drawings for the component parts you need stamped, our on-site engineers can prepare the drawings for you.
  • Die maintenance program.  We keep dies maintained and sharpened from normal wear.  We also repair dies which are damaged.
  • Value engineer products.  We propose engineering changes to improve quality, cost and productivity.    

To find out more about Goshen Stamping, LLC, or to place an order, visit our Contact US page, email us at or call 574-533-4108.


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