Metal Stamping is in our blood

Goshen Stamping,LLC is focused on medium to high-speed metal stamping environment. Our strength is high-volume production runs meeting ISO 9001 quality standards. We use a combination of medium to high-speed presses with progressive dies to provide the most cost effective solution for high volume manufacturing.

Metal Stamping Equipment

Goshen Stamping, LLC operates 36 presses ranging from 30 ton OBI's up to 400 ton SSDC. Press bed sizes are up to 84" x 48" with stroke ranges from 2" to 8" for stamping. Our manufacturing facility has just shy of 3 acres under roof. 
Stamping Metal from Design to Manufacture

With combined engineering expertise of more than 50 years, our customers often involve us early in the process of designing their stamped metal products. Our quality team is compulsive about data and we are vigilant in our goal to achieve continuous improvement.

Global Reach

Goshen Stamping, LLC ships custom quality metal stampings around the globe. Stamping our customers parts from carbon based steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals demands precision. Our ISO 9001 registered quality system assure you defect-free stamped metal parts with the tight tolerances you seek at high volume production quantities. 

Whether you're an engineer starting a project and seeking high volume-high value metal stamping capabilities, or a purchasing professional looking for a quality-driven vendor for stamping metal, please allow us to provide a quotation on your metal stampings. 

Our Customers Rely On Us For Mid to High Volume:

  • Aluminum Stampings
  • Automotive Stampings
  • Metal Stampings
  • Stainless Steel Stampings
  • Long Run, High Speed Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stampings

Materials that Goshen Stamping Co, Inc. is Capable of Stamping:

We can work with all carbon based steel, including HRPO, CR, and Galvanized. We also stamp goods from stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. It would be our pleasure to assist in selecting the right metal for your stamping needs.

We can stamp metal in any temper, in gauges from 0.010" to 0.300". These are guidelines only, and we can go out of this range depending on several variables. Please be sure to inquire.

To learn more about our metal stamping capabilities, or to discuss your project with an applications engineer, contact Goshen Stamping, LLC today!


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